The Inaugural Post

March 18, 2007

Every blogger has an inaugural post. Could be fun to round these up and read and compare. Someday.

I’m feeling a little self-conscious about writing. I don’t want to maintain such high standards, as I don’t want to invoke writer’s block, and I prefer this to be a personal thing. But I also have ideas that are relevant beyond my own world, and… I want to be read. I have a feeling my courage will increase over time, as it did for delicious and flickr and several other social content sites. What liberated me to sit down tonight is the notion that I just want to test this thing out.

As with most Web sites/genres designed for participation, I don’t sign up immediately. I wait, with the awareness of a potential new outlet in the back of my mind, and go about my daily business. When a situation arises that might be served by the outlet, I note it mentally. When enough of these situations occur, I sign up. Either that or a critical mass of friends and acquaintances sends me invites or says things like “You should have a blog.”

I put this slow-open process to work for a necklace purchase… 18 months after I first saw it in a store, I bought it (the designer‘s last one). Too many times I had looked in the mirror and visualized it on my neck, the perfect accessory to what I was wearing.

Sounds like a highly selective process, no? Well, somehow, I belong to lots of participatory sites: delicious | flickr | Stylefeeder | Upcoming | LinkedIn are among the most used; Friendster | MySpace | PRX | Platial | digg | Boston Open Guides get occasional/rare attention.

And I own a lot of things to wear.


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