Off-Topic Blog Comments

April 3, 2007

This morning I’m reading the blog of ad agency Hill Holiday. Baba Shetty is writing about their Dunkin’ Donuts campaign. What’s amusing is the flurry of comments by people who so badly want a Dunkin’ Donuts near them, or who have comments about the menu:

Just tried your strawberry smoothie this morning for the first time. I like the flavor and the idea, BUT it is definitely tooooooooo sweet.

You are using too much of the sugary syrup. I know that the American taste buds are accustomed to very sweet, but this is “over the top”.

You need to use less sugar, or more yogurt, or add some milk to tone down the sweetness. I took it home, added some skimmed milk and a few ice cubes, and put it in the blender. With that modification, it was just right. Really delicious. It does not need much “tweeking”.

Think about it. My husband (and another friend) all agreed with the “too sweet” verdict.

Remember, this is an advertising agency’s blog. Apparently some people are so passionate or opinionated about certain brands that they can’t separate the brand identity/image/strategy from the specific product. I would imagine it’s hardest when caffeine and sugar are involved…


One Response to “Off-Topic Blog Comments”

  1. ockham’s razor says they are just confused and thinking they are talking to mr. dunkin himself.

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