Both Sides Had the Upper Hand

April 5, 2007

This morning on the T, I saw a teenager in baggy clothes – what I know as ghetto style. He had bright white Adidas sneakers with red stripes. And a price tag dangling from them. Now, I knew that he left it there on purpose, though I had never seen that fashion attempt before. But I was feeling irreverent, so I leaned over to him across the car and pointed, whispering loudly, “You left your tag on.” He gave a little nod and smiled. I suspect he thought I was so uncool as to think that was unintentional. Hah. I got off at the next stop feeling rather smugly amused about the whole thing. I might have taken it a little further and asked him about it, out of curiosity and to foster cross-cultural exchange, but the little encounter was so droll and lovely in its own right I left it at that.


One Response to “Both Sides Had the Upper Hand”

  1. emilyshaw Says:

    ok, ms. newtoblogging, what’s your take on the NYT blogging ethics article?

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