A Requiem for Seeing Modest Mouse Live

April 21, 2007

There was a time when one could see Modest Mouse live, without advance planning.

In 2000, a few months after the brilliant The Moon and Antarctica came out, they came to the smallish Black Cat in Washington, DC, for about $15. They played for two nights to large, devoted audiences. I have never been an advance-planning concert-goer, and I was there.

A couple of years later, “Gravity Rides Everything” was in a Nissan car commercial, and a friend of mine with decidedly mainstream tastes let me put M+A in the CD player while we were driving. Uh-oh.

Now, after top-40 radio play, it’s a ticket competition. When I called just two days after Boston tickets went on sale, they were sold out.

I simply don’t go to shows where I have to know when the tickets go on sale. So goodbye to Modest Mouse in a live setting. No more communion with a group of serious devotees in an indie trance. This April 27, I’ll be listening nostalgically, alone, to the recordings.


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