16 Seconds of Citizen Journalism

April 27, 2007

In January, my friend John and I were walking through Central Square. John spotted a really cool street media object, higher tech than what I’m used to seeing. I photographed it and posted on flickr.

The photo in question

The photo in question

A couple of weeks later, Boston was shut down out of fear that these were terrorist threats.

Upon learning this, I immediately added all sorts of specific tags to the flickr photo, knowing the journalists and police and Internet enthusiasts would be all over it.

The outcome:

This video shows my 16-second mention on CNN (Aside #1: Wolf Blitzer almost ran over John and me with his car while we crossed a street in DC the other day. Aside #2: Name pronunciation was fine, but the transcript understandably wrote me as Riga Murthy, reminding me to change my name to something phonetic when I become truly famous.) Thanks to the acquaintance who recorded this in TiVo and posted it. Name protected for absurdly necessary reasons. Maybe we should craft a “you know who you are” attribution to protect people from corporate lawsuits.

This man will include the photo in a series about advertising.

This blog post by my former professor Henry Jenkins also has the photo.

The photo is also on NowPublic, Wikimedia Commons, and assorted other Web sites. I was going to say I’m impressed by people’s observance of the Creative Commons license I used, but then again, how would I search for violations? At least one site restricts it further than I did, putting a © next to the attribution. I’m sure that was unintentional, but we’ll worry about educating content makers and users in other blog post.


2 Responses to “16 Seconds of Citizen Journalism”

  1. Oliver Day Says:

    Neat! I was indirectly mentioned in that tv clip. I’m the “someone” who pointed out it was a mooninite :)

    BTW the trial is on the 11th of May and you should consider attending.

  2. rekha6 Says:

    I offered to put CNN in touch with you, in fact, since it was your comment that made my post that much more newsworthy. Thanks!

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