My Friends the Media Makers (in Multiple Senses)

May 24, 2007

Today The Boston Globe covered two parties dear to my heart.

One is the graduate program I attended, MIT’s Comparative Media Studies. They just got a fat grant from the Knight Foundation to strengthen the presence of local, citizen-made media in the digital world. The many-talented Henry Jenkins, head of CMS, blogs it here.

The other is my friend Frans Lawaetz, who has valiantly struggled to bring a swim race to the Charles River. The struggle continues, with causes for optimism. (And a nice photo.) It’s hard to imagine a time when Magazine Beach was as crowded with swimmers as Coney Island, but according to the article, it was. Here’s the Charles River Swimming Club’s Web site (Frans, were those photos of people swimming really taken in the Charles? ‘Fess up, now). While I admit to not being ready to dive in, I would absolutely love to once Frans’ canaries prove it’s safe and even pleasant.


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