New Orleans and the Bayous

June 5, 2007

John and I stayed with a friend in New Orleans not too long ago. Thanks to all the people who gave such incredible recommendations, who met up with us without knowing us, who would have met up without knowing us if we were around longer, and to Camille, who hosted us and drove us around and let us get drunk on terrible drive-thru daquiris and take as many photos as we wanted. I have tried to honor the collaborative nature of our trip by detailing where we went in this travel-log. Use it when you go. And you should go. New Orleans needs you.

Photos are soon to follow are up on flickr. Trip post-processing takes time! Maybe I should cobble together a mobile, travel-only implementation of MyLifeBits from the many related services out there. (UPDATE: Apparently and unsurprisingly, this is being worked on.) Or maybe I should just travel more and not worry about it.

In the meantime, please content yourselves with the handcrafted travel-log.


3 Responses to “New Orleans and the Bayous”

  1. rekha6 Says:

    Ah you think you’re funny.

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