Fly Paper

July 25, 2007

I hung some fly paper in my kitchen during a mini-invasion of fruit flies. I’ve never used fly paper before. It’s fun to come home and check if more flies have been caught. The first time I did, those feelings of suspense, satisfaction, and hope were a little too familiar. I self-analyzed for a moment, and realized they were Web 2.0 feelings, the same combination I get when I check profile views and blog stats.

However, when I see other fruit flies still flying around in other parts of the kitchen (somewhat defiantly I might add), I also feel some worry. It sure looks like the fly paper culls only the weak and the stupid.


4 Responses to “Fly Paper”

  1. ahah, great post R. I have memories of hanging those things at home, when I was a kid! Disguting too, I have to say, when i remember the dead flies hung there.

  2. suburbiana Says:

    just wait until the first time you lean the wrong way and accidentally get your hair caught in the flypaper – pretty much nothing makes you feel more like a stupid fly than THAT.

    and no, I’m not speaking from experience.

  3. suburbiana Says:

    wait, what are you saying about us, your legions of faithful readers? Are we but hapless fruitflies drawn, tragically, to meet our doom on the stickypaper of your magnetic internet persona?

    Or are you just saying we like fruit?

  4. rekha6 Says:

    Hah, the analogy occurred to me. I certainly don’t think of you as stupid (though perhaps weak, since you’re supposed to be writing your dissertation). But I would hope doom is not the feeling you get. I mean, I’m not even trying to get you to buy anything.

    You do remind me that stickiness is in fact another Web adjective. This fly paper metaphor just gets better and better.

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