Getting Mickey Rourke to Say “IBS”

July 28, 2007

I’ve done lots of blogging about the video medium these days. Not representative, as I do spend much more time online. But I happened upon the movie “Domino” while vegging out. There are some clever moments. And there is some Tom Waits music, with an actual appearance by him near the end. Always good.

But I’m not going to write a review. Rather, I’m going to note another instance of the same weird product placement I first wrote about in 2005:

We’ve all heard of product placement. But ‘ailment placement’? That’s what I think I saw on last Wednesday’s “America’s Next Top Model.” The modeling hopefuls were asked to gracefully field rumors at a mock press conference promoting a new line of ANTM clothing. The judges, playing the role of “journalists”, asked one girl about her bisexuality and another about picking her nose.

What surprised me was that one contestant was asked about her… Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The disorder also appeared in subtitles on the screen.

In one scene of “Domino”, several lines are devoted to one character telling two others that bounty hunting gave him IBS. (Thanks to

-So, tell me, do you boys hunt?

-I killed a… I killed a squirrel…once.

-Well, let me tell you something. Once you hunt a human being, you’ll never hunt an animal again. You know, it’s a different kind of rush. The problem is, is that when you’ve done it for as long as I have, all you got to show for it is an empty bank account and, uh, IBS.


-Yeah, that’s irritable bowel syndrome.

-You got a spastic colon? That’s hysterical. You know, my grandmother has one of those.

Domino was made in 2005. As I wrote back then:

The IBS mention… might be related to a new marketing push by an IBS drug approved not so long ago by the FDA.

I wonder if ailment placement was judged effective, since I haven’t noticed other ailment placements. Though maybe I’m making this stuff up because when squirrel hunting was mentioned, my mind hummed for a moment. But then I realized that Mitt Romney was not running for president in 2005.


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